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Italian Law on Packaging Waste Labeling

The Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition (Ministero della transizione ecológica) has published the document “Labelling for packaging -Guidelines according to Art. 219 paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 152/2006 and subsequent modifications and integrations”, for the correct management of packaging waste, also known as “Italian Law on Packaging Waste Labeling”.

The document explains the general rules for making a compliance packaging according to the law and how to place the information on it.

These new labelling requirements come into force on 1th January 2023 for products placed in the Italian market.

One of the novelties is the obligation to identify manually separable parts of the products packaging and also to identify the packaging materials with the ISO 1043-1 (ISO 10667-1 for recycled polymers) codes.

In addition, companies shall to place on the labels the consumer instructions for waste collection following the international colour codes for the different kinds of waste.

One of the most important things is that the law allows the inclusion of this information through digital channels (QR, websites) in case of small packaging (ones with surface less than 25cm2 or packaging with capacity up to 125ml).

This Guideline encourages companies to add more information as mandatory. For example, companies can:

- Identify the manually separable components of the packaging by name (CAP, BOTTLE, CASE, FLACON, JAR...).

- Introduce additional waste management instructions. For example:

Check your local municipal Guidelines.

Only dispose of empty containers

Empty the packaging of its content before recycling

Separate collection

Reduce the volume of the can / box

Separate the label and dispose of it correctly

Remove the cap from the container

The guidance includes some visual illustrations as follows:

Belab Services supports the industry in the compliance of the new Italian regulatory requirements. If your company is affected by the new regulations and you need help or more information please, do not hesitate to contact us!

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