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Product Information File (PIF) for the United Kingdom

All cosmetics marketed in the UK must have a full PIF, which includes safety assessment and laboratory testing among others.

UK Regulatory Compliance

What is the Cosmetic Product Information File in the United Kingdom?

Having an expert advisor to ensure product compliance with applicable regulations will avoid future problems with authorities.


Description and Classification

Product description and classification in accordance with applicable regulations.

Ingredient evaluation

Detection of restricted and prohibited ingredients in products according to the market

Security Assessment

Toxicological study of ingredients and calculation of the safety margin effectively

Labeling Compliance

Verification of legal information, mode of use, precautions, languages and waste treatment.

Lab tests

Challenge Test, specifications, microbiology, stability, HRIPT, among others.

Substantiation of claims

Justification of product claims, SPF tests among others.

What is a UK Product Information Dossier?

A cosmetic product information dossier is a mandatory document for the registration of cosmetic products in the EU and UK. Includes information about product safety, quality, and effectiveness, as well as testimonials and product label samples.

What is included in the UK Product Information Dossier?

The product information file (PIF) must include detailed information about the product, such as the exact name, an internal reference to identify it and its formulation.

You should also include the function of the product if it is not clear from its name. The name declared on the product label must be consistent with the product notification in the CPNP.

Why is product information necessary?

Product information is important to improve customer experience. Consumers always want more information about their products, and the more conclusive the answer to their questions, the greater their satisfaction. Furthermore, detailed product information is essential to ensure product safety, quality and effectiveness.

How are ingredients in cosmetics declared in the UK?

All ingredients in a cosmetic must be declared on the label in descending order of predominance.

This means that the ingredient present in the highest percentage will appear first, followed by the next in order of quantity, and so on.

What is included in the product information dossier for the United Kingdom?

The PIF is a document that collects complete information about a product. It must include a detailed description of the product and its components, necessary information on product safety, results of laboratory analysis, clinical trials, certifications, and reports of any toxicological or risk studies. It should also include clear instructions on how to use the product, how to store it, and how to handle it.

What should a PIF file include?

A PIF file must include the information described above, but must also follow a series of specific requirements detailed in EU legislation.

These requirements concern, for example, product identification, information on the manufacturer, labeling and packaging design, and the protection of personal data. Additionally, the document must be updated and reviewed regularly.

How do you write a product information dossier for the UK?

Writing a product information dossier is a process that requires technical knowledge, experience and precision. It is recommended that this document be drafted by experts in the field, such as the company that manufactures the product or a consultancy specialized in legal compliance issues. It is essential that this document adapts to local regulations and laws.

What is the difference between PIF and UIF?

The product information file is known as a PIF in the EU, and a FIU in the UK. Although both documents have the same purpose, there are some differences between them in terms of data and presentation of information. In general, we can say that the UIF is more detailed and rigorous than the PIF

Why is PIF important in the UK?

The product information file is crucial for marketing products on the UK market. Without this document, companies cannot distribute their products in the United Kingdom.

Producing a complete and accurate FIP is essential to protect the health and safety of British consumers. Finally, taking care of the company's image and reputation also depend on the presentation of a quality product information file.

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