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Enhancing Fragrance Safety: Ongoing Development of IFRA Standards

The safety of fragrance ingredients is a critical priority in the consumer products industry. The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Standards play a central role in the industry's product stewardship program, ensuring that the ingredients used are safe for consumers.

These standards are mandatory for IFRA members and are based on rigorous scientific safety assessments conducted by the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), validated by an independent panel of experts.

51st Amendment: Innovations and New Standards

In June 2023, the 51st Amendment to the IFRA Standards introduced 59 new standards, bringing the total to 263. This set of standards reflects IFRA's ongoing commitment to enhancing the safety of fragrance ingredients.

Key Details of the 51st Amendment

  • New Standards: 59 new standards added.

  • Total Standards: 263 in total.

  • Implementation Deadlines: Adjusted with full implementation expected by October 2025.

Scientific Evaluation Process

The IFRA standards are grounded in rigorous scientific evaluations. RIFM is responsible for conducting these evaluations, which are subsequently reviewed and validated by an independent panel of experts. This process ensures that the standards are based on the best available science, ensuring consumer safety and promoting confidence in fragrance products.

Preparations for the 52nd Amendment

The development of IFRA standards is an ongoing process. Preparations for the 52nd Amendment are currently underway, with an announcement expected in 2026. This future set of standards will continue to advance the safety of fragrance ingredients, reflecting the latest scientific and technological advancements in the industry.

Importance of IFRA Standards and the Code of Practice

The IFRA Standards, along with the IFRA Code of Practice, are essential for the fragrance industry. They provide clear and mandatory guidance for manufacturers, ensuring that consumer products are safe for end-users. Additionally, these standards and practices help maintain the integrity and reputation of the global fragrance industry.


The safety of fragrance ingredients is a continuous priority for IFRA and its members. The 51st Amendment represents a significant advancement in this effort, adding new standards and adjusting implementation deadlines to ensure the industry remains at the forefront of safety.

With the 52nd Amendment on the horizon, IFRA continues its commitment to protecting consumers and promoting safety in fragrance use.

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