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If we want to place cosmetic products in the European market we must obtain the CPNP registration, which is mandatory to pass customs and access the market.

However, it is common to listen to doubts and questions about it. What it is? How does it work?

CPNP: What is it?

CPNP is the official European notification portal where the Responsible Persons register cosmetics products BEFORE their will being placed on the market. This CPNP registration is a legal obligation present in European cosmetic regulations (EC) 1223/2009 of the European Parliament.

European Cosmetic Registration. Who can register in the CPNP?

Only Responsible Persons can make a product registration in the portal. It means that foreign companies (outside of the European Union) cannot do this, because they are not legal entities based in the EU.

Which information is necessary to register a product?

For product registration, we shall fulfill the following information:

  • Name and reference of the product and product category

  • Name, address, and contact information of the Responsible Person in Europe

  • Country of origin and country of the first market placement.

  • Nanomaterial presence/ absence.

  • Identification (name, CAS number) of the CMR substances.

  • Product formula with all ingredients in INCI name and concentration (%)

  • Label compliant design

  • Real product picture.

It is SAFE to share this information?

Absolutely. CPNP is a government official database and nobody can check the information that companies and Responsible Persons upload on it.

What is the result of CPNP Registration?

Once the product is successfully registered in the CPNP portal, a CPNP registration number is obtained. This number identifies your cosmetic product during its life in the European Union. Furthermore, a PDF report is generated, which contains a summary of all the product information uploaded on the portal.

CPNP registration is eternal?

The CPNP number will be the same for the same product reference, but CPNP is not eternal. You have to update the registration if one of the points shown in the part “Which information is necessary to register a product?” changes. It includes, for example, changes in the Responsible Person, label, formula, country of origin, etc.

Who can see the CPNP information?

Nobody can check if your products are or are not registered in the CPNP database. Only national authorities (governments, customs, etc) can check it. The CPNP information, registration number, and registration Report are information only available for the Responsible Persons and product owners’ companies.

I no longer sell my product in the European Union, what happens?

If one company discontinues the sales of a reference in the EU, it must, through its Responsible Person, notify the CPNP portal that the product will no longer be sold in the EU.

BELAB SERVICES is a cosmetic regulatory consultancy who acts as a Responsible Person for foreign brands and manages all the compliance and registration processes for obtaining CPNP registration. If you are interested in our services please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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