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BELAB SERVICES helps to Cosmetic Ukrainian Cosmetic Sector

In order mitigate the effects of the Russian invasion in Ukraine and help the cosmetic sector, we offer our export services totally free to cosmetic companies based in the country.

Against the dramatic situation that Ukraine is experiencing after Russia's aggression, we have decided to do our part and to contribute to the country's economic recovery, especially in the cosmetic sector.

For this reason, we addressed the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics of Ukraine (APCU) last March, which brings together all the cosmetic companies in the country, to offer all its associates our export regulatory services during 2022 and 2023 for free.

With this action we hope to contribute to the maintenance and recovery of the country through our work, the best thing we know to do.

If you are or know of interested Ukrainian companies, even though they are not APCU memberships, please contact us.

Hope for peace.


Daniel Jiménez


You can see the original APCU message below:

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