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UK Regulatory Changes: Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)

The UK cosmetics industry faces significant changes with the new regulatory update on the use of Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT). This change affects both consumers and producers, marking a step forward in the safety and regulation of cosmetic products.

Updated Restrictions on the Use of BHT

BHT in Cosmetics: BHT, an antioxidant used to preserve product freshness, now has concentration restrictions depending on the type of cosmetic. These measures seek to align product safety with the most recent scientific practices.

New Allowed Concentrations

  • Toothpaste: Maximum of 0.1%

  • Mouthwash: Maximum of 0.001%

  • Leave-on oral care products: Maximum of 0.001%

  • Other leave-on and rinse-off products: Maximum of 0.8%

Key Dates for the Industry

  • Market Placement: All products must comply with the new regulations before February 24, 2025, for their legal sale.

  • Product Withdrawal: The deadline for the sale of existing products under the old regulations is June 24, 2025.

Impact and Compliance

  • For Producers: It is crucial to review and adapt product formulations to comply with the new regulations. This change represents an opportunity to innovate and reinforce confidence in the safety of their products.

  • For Consumers: Consumers can expect safer and more effectively regulated products, aligned with the most recent health and wellness standards.

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