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SCCS opinion and the safety of Methylparaben and Benzophenone-4

In a recent opinion issued by the Scientific Council on Consumer Safety (SCCS) at the end of January 2024, the safety of methylparaben and benzophenone-4 in cosmetic products was reaffirmed following a thorough evaluation of their potential endocrine-disrupting properties

These ingredients, which were already subject to regulation by the European Union (EU), were subject to a safety reassessment due to concerns about their impact on the endocrine system.

After carefully reviewing all available data and considering concerns related to endocrine activity, the SCCS reached the following conclusions:

- Methylparaben is considered safe as a preservative in cosmetic products, provided its concentration does not exceed 0.4% (expressed as acid).

- Benzophenone-4 is also considered safe when used as a UV filter at a maximum concentration of 5% in sunscreens, face and hand creams, lipstick, as well as in propellant aerosol and pump spray products, either individually or in combination with other ingredients.

These determinations reinforce existing regulation and provide clarity on the safe use of these ingredients in cosmetic products, offering peace of mind to consumers and the cosmetic industry in general.

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