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Regulatory Compliance in the US and Canada

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FDA and State Regulations

More and more companies decide to export their cosmetics to the US. With more than 300 million potential consumers, it is a key market for exports.

In the US cosmetic products are regulated under the Federal and Drug Administration (FDA) and certain state regulations. Also, the rules of Healt Canadá apply in Canada for the same product category. 

Some products that are considered cosmetics in other countries fall into drug or Over the Counter (OTC) category in the US. 

The first part of exporting process is to analize and decide if one product is a cosmetic or an OTC and do the correct registration process. 



MoCRA. New Regulations in the USA!

From 2024, cosmetic product shall comply with the following requirements in the US:


  1. - Have a Responsible Person based in the US

  2. - Mandatory product listing (registration)

  3. - Have a complete Safety Evaluation (CPSR)

Furthermore, all foreign manufacturers of cosmetic products shall be registered in the FDA across an US Agent. 


Find out how MoCRA changes the regulatory situation for cosmetics in the US and adapt in time!

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