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Product Information File (PIF)

Every cosmetic product placed both the EU&UK must have a complete PIF, which includes the CPSR and product testing. 

What is the Cosmetic Product Information File?

Profesional consultant advisement ensures product compliance under regulations avoiding future conflicts with competent authorities.  If you want to deeply know the PIF making process click here. 


Product classification and description.

General product description and classification under in force regulations. 


Labeling compliance

Check that the labels have all mandatory information placed correctly. 


Ingredients Assessment

Banned and restricted ingredients detection.


Product Testing

Challenge Test, specifications, microbiology, stability, HRIPT, etc.


Safety Assessment

CPSR. Toxicological study of ingredients and Security calculation.


Claim sustaintivation

Claim substantivization, SPF, etc.

Belab Services offers a comprehensive service for preparing the Cosmetic Product Information Dossier that includes laboratory testing and claim substantivization. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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